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I’m deep in rehearsals for Within the Law at the Metropolitan Playhouse, so I haven’t really had time to think up something cool to blog about. No need though, because Alex Roe, the artistic director over at the Metropolitan, has written a lovely essay about the play, which I lazily recommend to you now, instead of creating my own original content 😉 Here’s my favorite part:

“The thrillingly twisting plot–a melodramatic roller coaster ride… is peopled by high-brows and low-lifes, straight arrows and crooked stoolies, fast talkers and slow wits. The play is in love with theater as a window on forbidden worlds and an arena for the clash of colorful opposites. Comedy springs from mocking the pretentious and entitled, while admiring the earnest and giving. Excitement comes in form of a set-up , a break-in, a shoot-em-up, and a show-down. On the one hand, then, it keeps a light-fingered touch on its themes, pointing out the ironies of society’s failings with indulgent mockery. But this fast ride takes in some disturbing sights, and the appeal for an audience today may be even more its perceptive social critique as its whimsical portrait of 1912 society.”

Read the whole thing here. The show runs May 31 through June 29–info and tickets here.



Within the Law

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be appearing in an Off-Broadway production of Within the Law at the Metropolitan Playhouse, May 31 through June 29!


Image from Museum of the City of New York

The play was a huge hit on Broadway in 1912, a “twisting and turning melodrama with a light-fingered social conscience from the Progressive age.” I’ve got a really juicy comedic character part, a role previously played by such wonderful comediennes as Florence Nash and Claudette Colbert. The Metropolitan is an Obie award-winning producing company, and I’m thrilled to be working with them.

The cast just had its first read-through, and we got to hear how truly funny, engaging, and surprisingly relevant the play still is. I also can’t wait to slip into the fashions of the era (think Titanic or first season of Downton Abbey). But what about my hair?! The short bob didn’t really become fashionable until later. So if you know any tricks for getting hair to grow long and fast, send ’em my way — I need long locks, stat!

For more information and tickets, visit

Now Showing at the Tribeca Film Festival

Spring is (finally) here in Brooklyn, and I’m happy about that, because it’s warm enough to go running in Prospect Park again. I’ve decided to train for a 10K in June, weather and my schedule permitting… wish me luck!

glasschinI had the great pleasure of playing a small role in Noah Buschel’s new film Glass Chin, starring Corey Stoll and Billy Crudup (and a bunch of other brilliant actors), and it is now showing at the Tribeca Film Festival! There’s one more screening this Saturday night, and you can also see an exclusive clip (featuring my sexy back) by checking out this post on Indiewire.

In addition to writing and directing an awesome crime drama (see above), Noah Buschel also recently conducted a wonderful interview with filmmaker Khyentse Norbu for Hammer to Nail, about Zen, film, meditation, and balancing art with spiritual practice. It kind of blew my mind. You should go read it. Or not, you know… do what you want 🙂

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